CTC(TM), ProBit Global Listing

김홍준 기자 승인 2023.03.03 15:07 | 최종 수정 2023.03.20 16:04 의견 0

Cybertronchain.com announced on the 8th that it will list ‘CTC(TM)’, a coin based on the BNB smart chain, on the virtual asset exchange ProBit Global.

CTC(TM) has a system that combines only the advantages of CeFi and DeFi. Therefore, it is easy, convenient and usable by anyone, and gives great merit to beginners.

Additionally, CTC(TM) is safe with low volatility because it uses fees from one of the most popular tokens, the BNB Smart Chain.

CTC(TM) enables a variety of experiences such as payment, bridge and swap, aggregator, staking, payment, NFT and other solutions.

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